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The Cargo Security Alliance started in 2007 as a group of manufacturers working the field of supply chain security products and consultative services. We are now known as CGM-CSA.  The original Members were Erik Hoffer and Walter Beadling (now deceased). Erik Hoffer was the original patent holder of over 19 specialized tamper evident product patents and Walter Beadling was a former IBM specialist in logistical modeling.The company expanded its scope in the early years to include consultants in DHS operations such as Certified Cargo Screening facilities and DHS compliance programs for manufacturers who were doing their own scanning and cargo certification. The company then brought on associated technologies, including site scanners and specialized readers from Regiscope to complete the offering to cargo screeners.

The company still manufacturers its products in The United States (Bowling Green, OH); and therefore has the ability to customize and quickly deliver products. These products include a wide range of standard and custom tamper evident security tapes and security labels, self-voiding seals and authenticating technologies, bolt and cable seals, Superseals, topp Clips, identification cards, trailer air brake locks, Sleep Safe straps, Glad Hand locks and cargo scanners.

Security products that are used appropriately provide the best defense against supply chain theft and loss. Without a clear understanding of a clients needs in these areas, choosing the appropriate technology becomes a hit or miss exercise and rarely results in the correct choice.The CSA 50 year track record and clear understanding of supply chain security issues allows us to stand out as not only a provider of transit security products, but as a resource for theft control, with a wealth of hands on knowledge of processes and material choices to enhance their effectiveness.

Erik Hoffer Bio

Erik Hoffer is an inventor, entrepreneur, recognized expert and thought leader in the field of transportation and cargo security. He owned and ran a company manufacturing his various patented products for over 40 years. He holds almost 20 original Patents on specialized security and tactical technology.

He is a Vietnam veteran. Mr. Hoffer graduated with a degree in Transportation from NYU and a degree in Industrial Psychology from Northeastern University.

As an educator, and while Chairman of the International Cargo Security Councils Education, Erik developed the Masters program in cargo security for the Merchant Marine Academys Global Maritime and Transportation School (GMATS) and put on over 50 issue specific National seminars on best practices in cargo security and related issues. In demand as a teacher, and also a highly regarded public speaker, Erik is a frequent presenter on cargo security events. He has written 3 key books on cargo security issues and remains an active partner in The Cargo Security Alliance, a company he founded after selling his manufacturing company to Novavision in 2003.

All of the products he created are now mainstays in cargo and packaging security and used throughout the world. His expertise in the field of theft related loss makes him uniquely qualified to consult and help select appropriate remedy for conditions of in-transit loss for both shippers and carriers alike.

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